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New house!


Previous Entry New house! Jul. 23rd, 2004 @ 09:30 pm Next Entry

Had a day off work. Got up, got the last (?) cheque to the solicitor, got the car packed with the first batch of stuff we need for the new house - paint, brushes, tools, etc, whilst we patiently waited for the solicitor to do his soliciting stuff.

Keys were released at midday. Fed the twins. It was about 12:40 by the time we got to the estate agent to pick them up. David from work was the first person to see me jangling them on my way back to the car :-)

Got to 47a, nosed around a bit, found what the previous owner had left - he's been outstandingly organised and left notes explaining how various things work, he's left some spare paint, with tins labeled with the rooms he'd done with them, instructions for appliances we didn't even know existed (coo, we have one of those sink-masher things), he's even left a photo of what the site looked like about 15 years ago before a bungalow was knocked down to build 47a and 47b, and a photo of a sparrowhawk who nested in the garden one year - cool!

Unpacked the bits, made a list of the bits we'd forgotten, had a takeaway lunch quite late, fed the twins, went back to 71 and got some of the bits, realised it was already getting quite late and we were supposed to be leaving the kids with my mum for SOME of the afternoon whilst we get stuff done.

Went to my mum's, dropped off the kids, went to Wickes and a few other DIYish places to look at wood flooring and stuff (previous owner left some very nice white carpet - great for an executive home, unfortunately very impractical for a family of 5), had to be pretty quick to get back to my mum before she left for her own evening of fun and excitement...

Got back to 71, dinner was already kinda ready (slow cooker, thinking ahead!), ate, got kids to bed, loaded a fair amount of other crap into the car (spare fridge, spare telly, bit of bedding, some other junk), now I'm babysitting (and LJ-ing) whilst Estelle drops the car-full of stuff at 47a. She'll then come back here, I'll then head back to 47a on the bike, and see how I feel....

... There's a big upgrade going on at work tonight, and I need to either be in the office, or at the very least, need to be callable. 71 is 20 mins away from the office in an emergency, 47a is 10 minutes (at most), I can also take calls there without disturbing the rest of the family (though admittedly Estelle will have to do most of the family morning routine by herself), and of course I can house-sit an otherwise almost empty house. If (and it's looking unlikely) I have enough time and energy, I might even start taking up the white carpet and maybe even start a bit of painting.

Tomorrow we also have a kiddies party in the afternoon, and a concert-ish thing in the evening (Runnymede, a Queen tribute band and an Abba tribute band, fireworks, food, fun, feel free to join us), another shuttle-run to my mum's at some point, probably including Wickes on the way - we didn't have car-space for the wood flooring itself with 5 of us in the car, but we do at least have the underlay which we could obviously start with.

Knackered already, but happy.

We're off on holiday in a week, so don't actually MOVE for real until late august. House-warmings are likely to be end of august, maybe even early september.
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Date:July 23rd, 2004 02:36 pm (UTC)

>coo, we have one of those sink-masher things
Waste disposal?

I bet you are excited and it's cool if you don't have to move right away. It gives you time to get it how you want it. I wish I was moving into a new home. After being in Edinburgh for three and a half years I'm getting itchy feet (I've moved house 27 times!) :-)
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Date:July 24th, 2004 12:58 am (UTC)
You are very lucky being able to move house in your own time :-)

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Date:July 24th, 2004 01:58 am (UTC)
Lucky? Actually very expensive! We're currently paying 2 mortgages and 2 lots of household bills, and thats before we do up our old house in order to rent it (which will just cover the mortgage but not much of the rewiring or redecoration costs).

It was a case of necessity!

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Date:July 24th, 2004 07:18 am (UTC)
Cool!! but reading estellew's comment - ouch!
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